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Congratulations to all Students, Parents and Teachers of Class X on Excellent CBSE Board Result: 100% Results in CBSE Grade-X (2015-2016) M.R.Meghana and P.Haripriya scored 10 CGPA

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Foster Billabong high international School (FBHIS) is committed to pioneering the paradigm shift in Indian education. Led by Ms.SUNITHA RANI, Director, FBHIS Started her premiere school named “Foster School“ in 1995 with a passion to stand up for the right and give quality education to the society around her. Today, her dream of making her premiere, an INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has become a reality. Her passion for education has driven her so far and the ground work she has been doing for years just to impart some all-round result-based knowledge has paid off well imaging her alumni have been settled in various fields. Her decision to firm up FOSTER with BILLABONG is just another step to impart quality education on a larger scale.

FBHIS's Mission is "The School in three years, will take initiatives towards fostering individual creative thought over rote learning and ensure access and engagement of all types of learners in critical thinking and problem solving techniques through interdisciplinary Teaching-Learning Process and increase the pursuit of Go Green Target under Environment Conservation Projects. It shall strive to Create Community Awareness to increase Community Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes (CSR)".

FBHIS's vision is to develop a quest or love for learning and experience for children. Research has shown that this is not possible without the learner's prior engagement and conditions which encourage learning. We achieve this in myriad ways - from our classrooms and our equipment to developing a proper research based curriculum which is upgraded constantly.

CBSE Affiliation No:130309
 :  040 - 6464 8989
 :  040 - 6464 7979
 :  770 271 1197


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