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It is with great pleasure that we announce that KKEL has won  the “Best academic innovative curriculum” award in the K12 category – the Indian Education Awards 2015.

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Foster Billabong high international School (FBHIS) is committed to pioneering the paradigm shift in Indian education. Led by Ms.SUNITHA RANI, Director, FBHIS Started her premiere school named “Foster School“ in 1995 with a passion to stand up for the right and give quality education to the society around her. Today, her dream of making her premiere, an INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has become a reality. Her passion for education has driven her so far and the ground work she has been doing for years just to impart some all-round result-based knowledge has paid off well imaging her alumni have been settled in various fields. Her decision to firm up FOSTER with BILLABONG is just another step to impart quality education on a larger scale.

We are committed to ensuring that every Child receives an education that enables them to attain the highest levels of achievement possible. You will discover a school that has created the most stimulating learning environment, a relevant and challenging curriculum and an active partnership with parents and the communities in which our children live, work and play. It really is a place to build dreams. Don't take our word for it, find out for yourself

The Foster Billabong High International School, allied with Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (KKEL), provides a comprehensive research-based curriculum which prepares young people for the next phase of their education and equips them to be productive members. Additionally, the school seeks to prepare students for the leadership that this world so urgently needs. This challenging education...

CBSE Affiliation No:130309
 :  040 - 6464 8989
 :  040 - 6464 7979
 :  770 271 1197


News & Events

FBHIS team congratulates students and parents of Grade 10 (2014-15) for 100% results. A 10/10 CGPA in the maiden CBSE SSE! Rajeshwari Prasada tops with 10 CGPA. SaiRamya & George Emmanuel scored 9.8 CGPA Akilesh scored 9.4 followed by Dinesh with 9.2 CGPA. We wish our team a great new beginning.